Thursday, March 14, 2013

Pretty cool!

It has been awhile since I post this.  Sorry about this..first my laptop with my new postings..then it was "gone"...this happened before.  jeez. Didn't I learn from this? nope.
so then our home computer computer for 8 days.   And I have been really busy..with everything.
Now my Spring Break is starting' last day of school is tomorrow.  

SO basically, I have been really noticing new things and has been hearing so much more than I had before.  Understanding people more and really taking grant of "white noise" around the house, work and out there.  Really, I hate it.  It's driving me could anyone just accept that?  It's a noisy noisy world out there!  
Things are so much better in sense, my hearing aids are accepting things like my key chains, the dog's claws on hard floor, or little things.   The only thing, is that I'm having a hard time accepting the clicking of my fingers on keyboard.  as one co worker tells me; " shhhh too much noise"! I can't tell if she is kidding or not?  (I think it's just to bug me!) I try not to be self conscious about it anymore. 

ONE another thing..I have been told that my speech has been much better lately as well!  I'm like over the moon!   But it can be a "downside" to that..if my speech/talking is pretty good..people forget that I have a hearing loss so I still need to "lip" read or face to face conversation.  I don't know if that was a habit for me or do I really do dare to try to listen more without having to look at the person?   That is for me to decide and to try?

I have been working in other preschools/daycare communities for the past two months...I am still not used to the noise in the classroom but it does helped me to pinpoint where "excitement" happened or if I happen to notice whether they have music on or not.  (I work with teachers and support them how to work with children who have hearing loss in the class) so this is great for me to pinpoint that music during free play is a big no no for children with hearing loss.   Beside, not just music..everything else too.  I'm modelling what I hear or not so therefore that's what the child hears too.

The other center, I visited in early Nov.  and went back just recently. I noticed for the first time, a big fish tank near circle time was  loud and it's a terrible noise distraction for my little client (and myself), having to struggles what the teacher is talking about.  I didn't even noticed it before when I came to visit first time..

I am excited to share the Smart is not exactly perfect but it does put my mind on ease.   I especially do appreciated the door bell and the fire alarm ones.  I don't want to rely my kids to tell me when the alarms/bell go "off".   No more telling people to let me know what time they come over SPECIFICALLY so I don't have to watch for the door anymore and norhaving to text me to let me know that they are here.   
However, the another story.  It droves me crazy, when the phone rings,(10 to 20 times a day from after school to bed time)  my pager and my aids goes off..ALOT!  this doesn't work for me especially when you have a teen in the house. who gets the most phone calls here??? the teen!  SO I opt to unplug the alert for the phone unless I am expecting an important call.   

Its a nice feature to have if you don't have a teen ..been thinking about a separate phone for her lately.  So far so good with her letting me know if there's actually phone call for me.  

The fire alarm..I think its good idea to have one on each floor (we only have one)..and we have three floors house.  I will go back and find out if I can add two more smoke alarms.    Another great thing to have is a bed shaker! so if I take my aids off (at night time), I can use bed shaker to signal me instead of pager or my hearing aids.   When it goes off..I have to check the pager to see which one door or fire.  My husband was away for business trip and for the first time, I felt safe not having to rely on him to secure the "house".  Having these essential signals really put me at ease.  Especially with my teen who is a heavy sleeper..she would sleep through anything.  :(     |With the bed shaker, it droves my dog nuts...every time it goes off. He would POUNCED on me and tried to find it.  that's kind of  "heart pounding" moment for me.

One thing , I don't have...I wonder if its important to have, is a house alarm.  Honestly, I'm not too worried about that..THAT alarm is so loud and blaring..I may will hear that without my hearing aids or sense it.  (the speaker for alarm is in the closet next to my bed) and that will wake my kids up too.   

Something I can ask about house alarm..would it be a good feature to have?  :)

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