Saturday, February 16, 2013

Hearing aid batteries

Really GOOD to know...!!!!
I had few package of new ones from my audiologist when I got Max aids.  I noticed when I got home that I still have some left overs to used up before I'd use the new ones.   When I first got Max, there were new batteries, it lasts me about a week and half.  Not bad . (remember I didn't wear them 100% of the times, was still getting used to them)
Then it was time to change it, few days ago, I used the old package (expiry date is Feb. 2013) didn't last long.  and I can hear the difference, its not as sharp or loud as the newer batteries were.

So more the reasons to used up the old ones so you dont waste them but always check for the dates before you buy them and make sure its last longer than a year.   (the new ones are expired in 2014!)

Just saying...

Monday, February 11, 2013

I am getting used to this!

Today we all went out for dinner at a Chinese restaurant with my parents as know how noisy that can be?  The place wasn't quite packed but they had music on. (why???)  So today I did bit of an experiment, changed my hearing aids program to 2.
Program one: normal
Program two: eliminate background noises, mic picks up "speaker"  (good for group setting or one to one in noisy place)
Program three: FM system in movies, or meetings or where they have system
Program four: "off".  THIS one I requested it because there is no "on or off" on my hearing aids so I can just turn if off without having to take them off then open the battery compact.  It's nice you can have that option.

Now back to restaurant..I was quite pleased how I can hear everyone talking, which it was quite nice not having to struggle to hear what everyone was saying.  It is AMAZING how the mic just naturally "picked" up directly to the speaker so I can hear a little better and not the music.

I think my parents noticed how I am able to be involved with conversation this more asking my mom to interpreted for me.  :)

I still DO rely on lip ifs or buts.  Every little bits helps!

Happy Chinese New Year! I listening to it again?

Well, I really must share this.  I gave up music many years ago..(many many years ago..)  It was always something that I had to work hard to it and practice with it almost daily and always had to look at the words so I can hear the lyrics.  It was something I felt I had to do it because it was a "teen" thing and all my friends were into music, dance and such.  I always felt left out when bunch of us would be singing and dancing, and knowing the words.   It was in my world at that if that is something I had to adapted, then I will learn.  I think when I got married..and I sort of gave up on music..because it is always constantly changing and I don't go to night clubs anymore. so what's the point?  Yeah, it just fades away.

Until then I have a daughter, almost a teen daughter who is blasting away her stereo and listening to good old rock and roll.  She loves listening to all types and I'm in envy when I see her and my husband just singing and dancing away.  Some of my old favs..just came flooding back.  How do I not resist this?

So last week, as I was driving to Chilliwack for client's was a long drive and I thought I'll try one of my daughter's CD .  Dixie Chicks all stars.   W O W..for the first time, I was pretty surprised how clear the lyrics were and I was like ?  oh gosh. I can actually hear the words.  My SUV stereo isn't the "top" of the line and I have tried was always not clear with me. So I never listened in the truck anymore.   I didn't want to spend $$$ for better system. Since Sean never really use my truck and it's not worth the investment for a "deaf" person to have top of line stereo in the SUV anyway.  but now... mmmmm

I was pretty shocked how clear the words are..I got so excited that I wanted to grab that CD case and see what's song it is played and words.  Just!!!  maybe I am ready to try again.  After all, I have almost teen daughter, so it's my duty to show her the cool stuff.  (wink)

Next week, we have a staff meeting..I will try the FM system and see how that goes.

I'm normal? almost.

Sorry, I haven't been on this for awhile. My family has been sick, on and off.

I don't know if anyone is aware of this. When you have a bad cold or allergies..(in my case. I can't figured out which one I have.) I had it on and off for a month and half.  I can't wear my hearing aids full term.  I would wear one or both if I have to. Then take them off several times a day.  It's because there are fluids in my ears, which that making it very sore.  (mold part) .  I noticed when I have a runny does means there's fluids in my ears too.   Very frustrating.

One thing, it never bothers me before but it could be now that I'm getting "old" maybe its a age thing?

A neat thing about the NEW hearing aids...If I wear one and the other one is in my pocket. (by the way, I do not recommended this..putting them in pockets) That is another story.   Somehow, it would accidentally go off in my pocket, and I CAN hear it .   With my old ones..I couldn't hear it.   I would be walking out of the door, clueless and people around me would gives me strange looks.

When I go out...I can wear my hat, sunglasses, or my vest coat (with high collar) without any feedback from  my hearing aids.   Cool!!! This is how..

On my first day of appointment, I had my ponytail up while fitting for the aids. Then I was already half way home when I took my ponytail off.  It started to "chime" (rather than whistling), and it kept going off.  At first, I wasn't sure what it was because it was all new to me.  I kept looking at my dashboard to see if my vehicle is trying to tell me something.   I waited until I got home and as soon as I went into the house, it kept chiming. And I was thinking it was the feedback from the right aid.  I tried to fix it but couldn't do it. So I had to take it off for the rest of the day.  It was OK the next day..but it kept coming back.  Then when I lifted my hair to see in the mirror, it stopped. Ah Ha ! That's when I figured it out.  I had to keep my ponytail on.   But I'm in 40's and I don't usually wear ponytail!  So this can't last.  I had to go back and this time..
I bought my hat, and sunglasses and wore my vest so we can eliminate the feedback during that process.  I recommended that. If you are using something that you wear daily, bring it during your appointment so they can adjusted it to your 'lifestyle".
It was better the second time around.  It takes time for the new hearing aids to "adjust" to my lifestyle. Really!