Monday, January 28, 2013

Day at work (day 6)

Monday morning..I knew that I will have a long day. Today is the day that I have to wear it all day at work.  So there's no stopping me now.
On the way out to the door, I heard something..after listening to it for awhile. I couldn't figure how to explain this "sound" was just weird.  It was coming from other room (the laundry)..I can seem to pinpoint where it was coming from. Is that neat???   I noticed my dog, Charley is eating..then there is that "sound" again.  I turned to CA, "what is that noise?  is that Charley eating??"   She said  it was.  oh that is disgusting!  that what it was..disgusting noise!!!  WHAT A PIG!  She said that our other dogs never eat like he does.  How embarrassing.  
Off to work, I went.   ON the way , it was time to try it again on the road.  It was like a new experience all over again.  I'm astonished to hear all come I didn't "hear" it before??  Then it started to rain..I had to use the wipers.  I really didn't like the way the wipers sound.   sound like pluckkkked then click.  again and again.   It was really annoying.  Not the way I wanted to start off my day, so I turned it off. I can live without them for now.  (not really..) it was really wet out.   Impossible not to USE the wipers.  ugh.

Walking into work..interesting.  I never noticed the noise before...printers, phones, computers, admin staff.. have I been so ignorant all these times?

I smiled when I said hi to one of my admin staff, she has a strong accent.  At first, it does sound strange because I wasn't used to it with new aids but after we worked together for awhile.  I noticed that she is becoming more understandable than before.   Which is GREAT..I'm so thrilled that it really help, especially that I have lots of clients with accent, and it has been frustrating before.  

When I was in my office, I can hear my co-workers (3 of us shared in the same office) more than ever!  IT didn't bother me before but now its more "noticeable".  It's something I have to get used to.  Them with on phones, computer clicking (typing) and even my own. I tried so hard to be quiet and natural but it's not possible.  I have to remember that THEY are used to it. I am not.
Then I heard in other office, someone was laughing.  That was pretty cool, considering I can tell what it is.  Before I would just hear "something" , it could be just talking, or anything.  But it was clear and it was EXACTLY laughing. so I had to check it out.  I think some of my co workers were surprised that I heard that, when I came in and said "what's so funny?"  

Then later, I had a meeting with my "side-kick" classroom teacher, we were planning our lesson plans.  I hear the "hiccups" before looking at her.  At first, I heard it..then I stopped, heard it again and again. Then I knew it was hiccups .  It was.   it was kinda of quiet type.  Pretty amazing.  

As I was walking away to my classroom, someone called me from one end of the hall.  I heard that and turn around.  She was amazed that I heard that! it was something it didn't happened before.  

After a long day, I was pretty EXHAUSTED, I took my aids off when I got home and somehow, I fell asleep. Slept for 2 hours! which it's pretty unusual and I MISSED my son's BUS!!  Thank heavens, CA, my eldest was home to let him in.  
That was pretty scary.  I realized that it will takes awhile for me to get used to them.  I have to EXPECT that after a long day of "listening" and getting accustomed to new aids, it can be overwhelming and exhausting.   So next time, I put my "alarm" on my iPhone so I don't miss my son's bus again.


  1. Karen, thank you for sharing this with us...Julia is always pulling her aids off at the mall and right after school as soon as she sees me after her long day...this helps provide insight since she can't tell us how things sound! - Kim

  2. awesome! this is why I'm doing this so people can understand what it is like for us. Children in particular, can't really tell us. So I have lots of more to share. Will keep on writing during the week. :)