Monday, January 28, 2013

Introducing Max..

I grew up with hearing aids behind the ears since I was 7 years old.  Then I tried the digital ones about 6 years ago.  I was amazed how different they are , it took me a week or so to get used to them.  I know I have heard that several hearing aids users really didn't like it and gave up after a day or two.  My audiologist assured me that its something I have to adapt to it and get used to it.  And I did.  I have a profound hearing loss so it means I don't hear as well and I rely on lip reading a lot.
Introducing Unitron "Max", once again my "hearing" has changed for the better. W O W..just saying.

Plus got the Smart Alert System.  Something that I have always want and SHOULD have.  Everyone with hearing loss, young or old SHOULD have.  I can't believe it how much I am missing out the essential things in my life for my home.  Will tell more about that later.  First two weeks with my hearing aids, then once I'm "settled" then will explain more about the Smart Alert System.

Day one..the minute I stepped out of my hearing clinic. I knew I was done for.  It was like suddenly my brain switched on and I'm hearing EVERYTHING that I haven't heard like before. I heard the ladies in other room, hearing the phone, fax, printer etc in other ROOM!  I had this nervous giggles.. I think it was bit nervy at first, yet it was exciting.  I did had to take it off on the way home, it was too noisy.  When I got home, it was really interesting to take in all my home's sounds.  Some are unknown..
Then I had to go to for a hair appointment.  I was pretty curious to see if it would be better for me this time.  You know how noisy they are in sense, (probably you don't notice it because you are used to it) hair dryers, sometimes music on,  people talking and your hair dresser talking to you as well.   I have to admit I had to wear one..a headache was pending and I was already tired (two hours later).   I do noticed that I could understand my hairdresser better and how it automatically reduces the background noises and adapted so the mic is working hard to pick up her voice directly.  Weird huh? that's the best way I can explain it..

Then I got home, my family is home.  Suddenly, it sounds like our house is having a playing, yelling (but not really yelling..just normal as I figured it out later) and I kept telling them to be quiet..hush hush..inside voice etc.  My eldest keeps telling me that she is not "yelling".  She was pretty I had to shared that I have new hearing aids.  She was pretty excited for you can hear everything now?  well..not exactly.  It DOES not "fix" my hearing will NEVER be normal nor be the same range as "normal" people hear.  I had to clarify that.
Hubby came home shortly after that...he has a deep bit louder than "normal" voice.  I'm like "hush..hush"..oh boy.
It was "done" for the day.  I enjoyed the rest of the evening, aids free.

Day two.
The Shopping Mall....if I HAD was probably too soon to go out with new aids.  I do not RECOMMENDED this.  Stay home, take care of yourself, relax for few days.  But this date to the mall has been set with my mom and my daughter weeks ago.
The minute I got to the truck..I can hear lots of beeping..I'm something wrong with my vehicle?  I kept looking at the warning lights.  I kept hearing it. so finally I had to asked my daughter, CA.  It was driving me crazy!  She said that..she hears nothing.  So I had to described what it sounds like.  Then I heard her the red light, I finally stopped and turn around.  "WHAT???"  thinking she's doing this to annoy me.  She said "oh mom! it was my Iphone".  whattttt? are you serious??? that little thing makes noises????  Oh my..thinking about MY Iphone too.  oh dear..
Before I went to my mom's , I was driving along..I can hear my key chains clicking together..that was so annoying!!! I couldn't stand it. I had to pull over and take them all apart.  From now on, only one in the truck.

Well..the "mall"...that was one noisy place.  For the first time, I noticed music playing!! I said to my that normal?  do they always play music in the mall?  I do know that they do in individual store but out in the corridors???    Oh that drives me crazy!  really.  I really hate music playing in the stores, because its so loud sometimes, and you can't hear the sale lady.  or If I had to ask about something..and I'm not familiar with their accent or lip reading..then I'm lost with music on top of it.    Now with new seems LOUDER..and yes I do have to get to used to it.  It took me a strong will not to march up to the counter and demand that the music to be turn off or turn it down !  Seriously.  After a hour and half at the mall, was enough for me.  I was pretty exhausted.  Good thing, we were done anyway.

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  1. Karen I find this super interesting! Thanks for sharing. - Charmaine