Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Day 8..life is easier for me.

I think it really helps that I am able to distinguish the difference of what is being "heard" now.  This is so great! In the past, I can't tell the difference between crying, yelling or just "playing" talks.  I often had to run upstairs or go to other rooms to see what's up?  It was frustrating because it was hard to tell.  Lately, I noticed that I can tell the difference.  No more running upstairs unless it is REALLY an emergency!  Another thing, I can hear the difference if anyone is upstairs or downstairs!  No more going up to find my kids or hubby, then go all the way down down.

I am very much like a chef. Once I get into gourmet cooking, I would forget the "running" water and the food being boiled over.  (with running water, I tend to overflow the sink A LOT. But lucky, we have this tilted sink which the water can flow into other part of sink.)   But I did noticed it today..it was kind of neat. I didn't work hard to listen. It just happened to noticed that I left the water running.  I guess it was loud enough for me to hear it. And another thing I don't have to stand and wait for the food to be "cooked" only to hear the sizzle that tells me it's starting to boil or to cook behind me while I do more prep.    

The downside of the kitchen was a lot of clanging and banging, cupboards slamming etc.  I grimaced every time that happened.  It made me slow down more in the kitchen, it is bit embarrassing that I had to tiptoeing around the kitchen.  My daughter had to ask me what was I doing.  har har.
While we were sitting and eating..I never noticed how noisy, the cutting is on the plate and the clanking of dishes and utensils.   I had to ask my husband...if this is normal.  He said..well..it is NORMAL for us here at home because we are used to it.  Same with cupboard slamming etc. It's not that good but it is kind of cute with that is who we are.  I think I will be more careful now with those sort of thing, because I do noticed it now.

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