Monday, February 11, 2013

I am getting used to this!

Today we all went out for dinner at a Chinese restaurant with my parents as know how noisy that can be?  The place wasn't quite packed but they had music on. (why???)  So today I did bit of an experiment, changed my hearing aids program to 2.
Program one: normal
Program two: eliminate background noises, mic picks up "speaker"  (good for group setting or one to one in noisy place)
Program three: FM system in movies, or meetings or where they have system
Program four: "off".  THIS one I requested it because there is no "on or off" on my hearing aids so I can just turn if off without having to take them off then open the battery compact.  It's nice you can have that option.

Now back to restaurant..I was quite pleased how I can hear everyone talking, which it was quite nice not having to struggle to hear what everyone was saying.  It is AMAZING how the mic just naturally "picked" up directly to the speaker so I can hear a little better and not the music.

I think my parents noticed how I am able to be involved with conversation this more asking my mom to interpreted for me.  :)

I still DO rely on lip ifs or buts.  Every little bits helps!

Happy Chinese New Year!


  1. I remember when my little brother got fitted with his hearing aid and the look of amazement on his face when he was hearing sounds clearer. It was a great moment for everyone in the family. :) To finally have him join in on our conversations and laugh immediately after a joke or quickly react to something addressed to him made us all very thankful that technology could give us that. Thanks for sharing!