Monday, February 11, 2013 I listening to it again?

Well, I really must share this.  I gave up music many years ago..(many many years ago..)  It was always something that I had to work hard to it and practice with it almost daily and always had to look at the words so I can hear the lyrics.  It was something I felt I had to do it because it was a "teen" thing and all my friends were into music, dance and such.  I always felt left out when bunch of us would be singing and dancing, and knowing the words.   It was in my world at that if that is something I had to adapted, then I will learn.  I think when I got married..and I sort of gave up on music..because it is always constantly changing and I don't go to night clubs anymore. so what's the point?  Yeah, it just fades away.

Until then I have a daughter, almost a teen daughter who is blasting away her stereo and listening to good old rock and roll.  She loves listening to all types and I'm in envy when I see her and my husband just singing and dancing away.  Some of my old favs..just came flooding back.  How do I not resist this?

So last week, as I was driving to Chilliwack for client's was a long drive and I thought I'll try one of my daughter's CD .  Dixie Chicks all stars.   W O W..for the first time, I was pretty surprised how clear the lyrics were and I was like ?  oh gosh. I can actually hear the words.  My SUV stereo isn't the "top" of the line and I have tried was always not clear with me. So I never listened in the truck anymore.   I didn't want to spend $$$ for better system. Since Sean never really use my truck and it's not worth the investment for a "deaf" person to have top of line stereo in the SUV anyway.  but now... mmmmm

I was pretty shocked how clear the words are..I got so excited that I wanted to grab that CD case and see what's song it is played and words.  Just!!!  maybe I am ready to try again.  After all, I have almost teen daughter, so it's my duty to show her the cool stuff.  (wink)

Next week, we have a staff meeting..I will try the FM system and see how that goes.

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